Michael provides empowering and transformative keynotes & masterclasses

Get ready to shift how your audience sees & connects with themselves and how they connect with others!

Michael's Power of Connection!

Michael does more than merely give a talk; he BUILDS CAPACITY and creates connection! His strategy, storytelling, and inspiration set the groundwork for transformation.

Michael's reputation as a speaker with infectious energy is built on his ability to explore difficult topics with authenticity, tremendous honesty, warmth, and a healthy dose of humor. He has the dynamic ability to both inspire audiences and leave them with actionable / strategic change strategies that lead to measurable results!

Corporate & Business Groups


From working with Fortune 500 companies to government organizations, Michael's talks focus on enhancing the climate & culture of an entity and how we can build a fruitful and engaging work community where people feel seen. Filled with principles around personal/professional development and overall wellness, these talks are sure to invite your audience to experience radical self-reflection and growth. The experiential and interactive talks can discuss: emotional intelligence; the power of belonging & fruitful leadership; communication that leads to connection; conflict resolution; as well as how to live, love, and lead well through growing our soft skills.

Education & Social Service Groups


Michael has spoken to stadiums filled with educators, counselors, and social service / community organizations about the power of belonging, tools that create connection, and ways to better serve the most vulnerable among us. As a certified educator, Michael knows what schools, families, and young people need; his talks are filled with stories, inspiration, re-direction, and practical strategy that leave audiences enriched, encouraged, and empowered for their roles. His talks about creating a healthy climate & culture can discuss: how to build community; remembering our "why" for our work; how social justice, race & class privilege impact our teaching; becoming trauma aware & cultivating resiliency; and the art of wellness for educators-- how to live a wholehearted life and decrease burnout.

Colleges & Students


Michael has spoken at dozens of university campuses about principles that lead to wholehearted living. Michael has a masterful way of connecting with student leaders, first-generation & freshmen college students, and the general student body about overall emotional & student wellness. As both a first-generation college & graduate student, Michael takes pride in connecting with students. His talks can emphasize healthy relationships, overcoming adversity, quality self-care, emotional intelligence & self-awareness, social advocacy, as well as overall student success.


Michael brings

acuity + passion that =

a paradigm shift for attendees!

Michael's customized talks are filled with high energy, practical solutions to real issues, and he incorporates your vision into every step of the process. Our office is extremely efficient to work with!

There is not another speaker available who will move, inspire action, and connect with your audience like Michael McGill, Jr.

Michael's unique talks are designed with:

Interactive Capacity-Building Exercises

Peer-to-Peer Coaching

Thought-Provoking Research

How Michael Can Enrich Your Event

Opening Keynote

Keynotes that inspire your audience and set the tone of the conference-- making the atmosphere exciting for learning & connection!

Closing Keynote

Powerful keynotes that catapult the message of the event! These are sure to fire up attendees and support them with the impartation and enrichment to hit the ground running when the event concludes!

Powerful & Interactive Masterclass

These in-depth experiential workshops allow for deeper learning, connection, interaction, and conversation to occur. Participants will create personal actions plans of how they can apply the learning and move to action!

Fireside Reflective Conversations

Want to have an intimate conversation or interview with Michael in front of a live audience? These are also great for retreats and professional development programs, as well as expert panel discussions!

The Benefits of Having Michael...

"The best PD I have attended in 22 years..."

"You made me think deeply..." and "Uplifting. Eye-opening. Entertaining. All in one!"

"He was the best speaker I've ever seen!!!" and "Charismatic. Truth-filled."

"Your truthful words helped me grow-- even the uncomfortable truths. I know I can continue to grow to be a better mom, friend, and person..."

"One of the most profound experiences I've ever experienced..."

"[I've left] refreshed, renewed, and with a different perspective [from your talk]. Thank you for the eye-opener!"

"Learning, laughing, and growing with Michael McGill, Jr..."

"Michael is engaging, thoughtful, and full of heart!" "He teaches us how to build better relationships with those whom we lead and work with..."

This spot is for your


I'd love to hear from you about partnering to help make your event a success!

I love the role of speaking to facilitate growth!

In addition to speaking, writing, teaching, and TV appearances, I'm also working to ensure rest, play, and research time are actively incorporated into my schedule. I graciously ask that you submit requests as early as possible so decisions can be made and we can get you booked!



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