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Rather it's to a group of educators, counselors,

community members, or social service providers, Michael is the speaker for you!

Creating Life Changers in Schools & Communities

Rather it’s to a group of educators, counselors, community members, inspirational conference attendees, civic organizations, associations, churches, or social service providers, Michael is the speaker for you! All of Michael’s talks are customized to fit the vision of every event. Below are signature keynote templates that are 100% customizable!


Michael speaks on how to enhance our lives through personal reflection, self-awareness, and interpersonal transformation! In addition to enhancing the culture of workplaces, Michael is also widely celebrated for his inspirational talks that deal with topics ranging from mental/emotional health to relationship health to purpose-driven powerhouse inspirational topics to personal finance health!

May we remember that, often times, the person

who needs the most love & care will ask for it

in the most unloving and uncaring ways. In this

moment, we get to choose to either see the person

or the person's behavior. How will you show up?"

-Michael McGill, Jr.

Building Community through Connection: A Climate & Culture that Liberates

(Customized for educational groups, community organizations, and social service entities) This talk is filled with grace AND truth! There is great power in relationships when we build community with others-- particularly within our school, community, and social systems. Educators and helping professionals have magnanimous power to radically transform how students and clients see themselves. These professionals also have an opportunity to build great capacity within others-- rather it's that of other educators or that of students & families. Let's discuss what it means to build community and HOW to build it. This heavily researched-based, yet PRACTICAL, inspirational, growth-filled, and even humorous talk supports educators & helping professionals with enhancing their practices and climate & culture based on 4 belonging principles. An additional component we discuss is the power of having hard conversations; in order to fully build community with those who may be different, we’ll also discuss the concept of equity, how our biases (which we ALL have), and privileges (race, social, class, etc.) impact the climate & the expectations that we have on students. Let's dive into the research with a gracefully truthful approach! I believe awareness + humility (a willing spirit) is what leads to new behavior. People will not be shamed as we deal with sensitive topics; they'll be invited to reflect and re-think how they've seen the world-- even when it's uncomfortable-- to promote more inclusive and equitable learning & community spaces. 

Benefits & Learning Outcomes

Become more aware of how our paradigms impact our practices (self-awareness)
Empowering those we serve to develop a sense of agency
Ways to plant positive seeds that yield positive fruit 
Develop winning strategies for building relationships with the most challenging students 
How to implement systems that enhance the classroom (and school-based) climate
Master the 3 irreducible needs of students and learn how to practically meet them
Enhance the language that we use to yield more fruitful results 
How to shift your perspective to see a student/person vs. their behavior  
Become more aware of our privileges and biases when they show up and how to deal effectively (Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity) 
quote by michael mcgill jr when we as professionals get the tools to build community and create connection
Michael captivating audience discussing trauma brain education
Michael captivating audience discussing trauma brain education speaker Michael McGill Jr

Trauma Awareness: The Power of Healing Relationships

(Customized 1-3 hour experience) In this riveting, heavily researched-based, yet PRACTICAL, inspirational, and growth-filled keynote experience, Michael addresses educators and helping professionals on the side effects of trauma (including within his own life), how 'trauma behaviors' show up in the school and community setting, and how we can build healing relationships with those whom we serve. Adverse childhood experiences can have a lasting impact, but developing healthy relationships coupled with cultivating resilience can trump the adverse experiences. We'll discuss, not only the importance of trauma informed care and how to become trauma aware, but ways to create healthy communities that support someone in moving through their pain and into purpose. We'll learn to evaluate the trauma that individuals have endured, but also how to support them in unleashing the goodness & assets that dwell within them. This capacity-building + asset finding experience is educational & inspiring, and it moves participants towards action with ways to understand + call out the overcomer in those whom they serve. 

Benefits & Learning Outcomes

Tools that build relationships with the most vulnerable among us 
Unpack what trauma is and does to the brain/behavior from a clinical mental health and wellness stance
Understand the biological, psychological, and social factors which impact someone’s behaviors
Strategies for teaching resilience 
Understand brain-based insight on how life experiences impact behavior
Methods for supporting students with developing healthy protective factors to help heal 
How to see students/people from a strengths-based lens vs. a victim posture 

Teaching & Serving from a Deep Well: An Experience on Educator Wellness

(Customized keynote/masterclass experience for educators AND helping professionals) As a certified educator, Michael knows firsthand the impact that community work and teaching can have on the soul. When we're out of equilibrium, we aren't as effective in the work and purpose that we're cultivating. This talk is filled with insight, inspiration, laughter, and practical tools that cause a paradigm shift in our we see ourselves and care for ourselves. In order to support the overall functioning of an educational organization, it's critical that we support the holistic care of educators/team members. Not only does this reduce burnout and the costly impact of teacher/team turnover, but there is a direct impact to student achievement when the helping professional gets care and support to meet their own social and emotional needs. 

Benefits & Learning Outcomes

Understand the impact of secondary trauma 
Learn 4 capacities of self-care to deal with feelings of burnout 
Understand and combat compassion fatigue 
Develop a stress management plan 
Healthy community and conflict resolution skills 
Michael McGill Jr teaching educators speaker wellness trauma
Michael McGill Jr TV camera FOX CNN

Impartation from Inspiration: The Customized Experience

(Customized experience) Do you have a special program that seeks to uplift, inform, educate, entertain, encourage, and empower your audience members? Is your organization producing a special conference or professional development program and you want the attendees to be enriched & inspired with life and professional skills? From discussing the meaning of purpose / our "why" & how we can impact others, to teaching principles of radical self-care and ways of creating healthy relationships, to sharing a story of overcoming and beating the odds: Michael has you covered! In addition to having a background in counseling, Michael is a regular guest contributor and expert for daytime talk shows and local morning shows where he discusses life principles that aid viewers in creating the life they desire & deserve. From women's conferences, PD programs, to leadership retreats and fireside chats, Michael has flourished in these environments time and time again. Attendees have been moved to radical action in their personal and professional lives! Let's begin to customize the talk for your organization today!   

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