Colleges & students!

For both high school and college students

Michael works with student groups on interpersonal and inTRApersonal development!

Michael has spoken at dozens of university campuses and to students about principles that lead to wholehearted living. Michael has a masterful way of connecting with student leaders, first-generation & freshmen college students, and the general student body about overall emotional & student wellness + overcoming adversity in their lives. As both a first-generation college & graduate student, Michael takes pride in connecting with students. His talks can emphasize healthy relationships, overcoming adversity, quality self-care, emotional intelligence & self-awareness, social advocacy, as well as overall student success.

Broken Crayons Still Color

Redefining what it means to overcome and rising strong.

This keynote is filled with insight, awareness, encouragement, humor, and practical application that empowers students to understand how beauty comes from the ashes of life. Through this enrichment, students will leave with a blueprint for developing a life's vision and ways to care for themselves as they embark upon new goals. They'll better understand what self-care looks like, steps to rise strong, and the power of perseverance,

The Power of Relationships

Relationships have the power to propel us or derail us

One of the most requested and engaging keynotes is the talk about love, belonging, and cultivating healthy & secure relationships for college students. For many, this is their first real 'adult' relationship and they're having challenges navigating academics, life, and love. This vulnerable talk provides them with tools to make safe and long-lasting decisions. Moreover, intimate partner violence occurs at high rates during college years. Michael aims to support the overall wellness of students by teaching them how to make choices from a place of worthiness and wholehearted living.

Be Bodacious: The Talk for Young Women

This talk is carefully designed to speak life into young women and support them to tap into their promise!

In this electrifying (and even unorthodox) talk for young women, Michael uses his voice to empower them to live a life of courage, passion, resilience, and worthiness-- in spite of a society that often tells them they're not good enough. Michael believes in the power of young women and supporting them with tools to break the glass ceiling in their lives. We'll discuss how to beat the odds and how to honor ourselves unconditionally!

Impartation from Inspiration: The Customized Experience

Let's customize a keynote or masterclass for your event !

Michael speaks to schools, associations, and organizations on topics of wellness, connection, interpersonal development, and wholehearted living. Let's customize a talk that fulfills your vision and exceeds your expectation

Let’s make awesome things. Together.

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